Logical 3 Radio
Logical 3 is a project born out of a joint collaboration between 3 radio stations from Europe.  
Today we are engaged in programs of both high quality and sound for our "Live" radio shows.  
This project uses "Open-Source" broadcast and sound engine tools. These tools are in constant development ensuring our broadcast and sound quality for an optimum listening experience.  
We hope you will enjoy listening to one of our "Live" shows. 

First Contact, somewhere back in the 70’s while listening to “Radio Luxembourg” with an old tube Phillips radio. 
Listening to tracks like : Monotones – Mono / Patrick Hernandez – born to be alive. I also listened to “Radio Veronica” 
and “Radio Caroline” (Offshore). 
In The 80’s i became a member of the DJ group from a local youth club named “Wanhatti” what means “One Heart for us all”. 
I learned how to play with Technics SL1210 turntables and a Dateq 7 channel mixer. When “Duty” was calling i needed to stop these activity. 
But for most of all the djs it is all the same. Blood is flowing and thinkeling all the time and also this boy needed to be back behind the turntables. 
Late 90’s i had the opportunity to play in a nearby Club and after some sets i became a Ressident Dj for this club. 
I played as a back up Dj in an other club and became a ressident for that club too. 
Most of the djs here knows eachother and you get some bookings for other clubs. 
Finaly i became a ressident dj for club nr 3. 
I played warm up sets for “Dutch celebs” and bands. I can handle more then one Genre in a single set. From House till Strausse 
and all between. 
Played my last track in 2007 ( my personal nr 1 all time : Sunbeam – Outside world).  
Radio is still my passion and i still like to mix up the genres in a single set. 
Strange but true.. I never learned how to mix, only how to use a microphone to connect the tracks. 
I hope you will enjoy my creations. 

DJ Crasher is a 47 year old radio DJ from the east of the Netherlands. 
He started hosting radio shows back in 2011. 
DJ Crasher plays music such as top 40, pop, rock, dance, EDM and a little hardstyle. 
Don’t expect mixxing in his shows, only good music. 
DJ Crasher wishes you all a lot of fun with his shows.

Ever since I was a little kid, I loved music! From classical, swing, Rock, Ska, House, Disco, Blues & Reggae. I was so enthralled with the whole recording process, that I went to College to learn, where I got myself instruments & taught myself how to play them. Even performing in a couple of bands. DJ’ing came later, when I was shown how to do this by a very drunken DJ in my home town, who told me that “You’re not the guy just fading out a song, & playing another. You’re creating an emotional adventure for these people. Who worked hard, now they want to play hard. So they have a story to tell, the next day. So play hard!” Then he left me and got high somewhere. 
Radio production came at the same time, & was also offered another DJ job at a club another DJ I knew played. Sadly, the club shut down. But I was offered a show at the radio station, & ever since, I loved playing music, from any Genre I can find. So, Let’s play hard!

Old skool vinyl DJ embracing technology and loving the CDJ experience but often returning to the plastic circles of joy. Plays House, Funky House, progressive house, techno and Old School house. He is keen to promote new talented artists, therefore promos are always worth sending his way. He mainly played clubs, bars, pirate radio and house parties with the highlight of his career playing BEDLEM on the Dunstable downs UK during the early 90’s. Sticking now to the airwaves, his shows are high octane, fun and interactive, so if you get a chance…………… #tunein

Stefano Croce born in Italy in 1977... 
HIs passion for music began at the age of 15 years, start as a dj soon becomes a 
But the reward are in 1999,when with Armageddon Project, becomes very 
influential in Industrial Hardcore with the labels The Third Movement and D-Boy. 
He performed for many years in the best events like Thunderdome, 
Defqon,Decibel, and all the party ID&T, in addiction to all the D-Boy events. 
In 2003 he was awarded with a Gold Record in the “Master of Hardcore Award” - 
Best International Industrial Artist, treading again the path for success. 
His passion for the hard style continues for many years. 
In October 2016 , a new music project has born with the own label 77 Notes. 
The first Ep “Phase 1”, and the last “Here I Am” have reached a great success and 
gained a great reviews, his music is playing in many web radio, electronic shows 
and more. 
Then create other singles that increases his views and the consens of the 
listeners, every release is a surprise. 
In August 2017 start a collaboration with Logical3 Radio and every Sunday goes 
OnAir with a new Music Show. 
You can listen to Electronic music, Dance, Progressive house, Techno and more. 
Wanna dance ??? 

Johan is a well known dj and radio performer in the east part of The Netherlands. 
He played in dancings , pubs, events and leading night clubs across the country. 
Played as a real radio host for local radio stations. 
Johan will take you back to the 70’s and 80’s . His presentation will be in his own language, but i’m sure he will entertain you 
with his enthusiasm and passion for great music.

KV is one of the three who has started this “Radio Project”. He will play at random times live and direct from Greece Europe. His shows will be in high quality of sound and music.

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